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Free QR Code Generator

This been moved to it’s own domain QR Code contents: (Right Click > Save Image As…) I wrote this simple script (that uses the free google charts api) because I like QR Codes and I hate that everyone over complicates this. Many of the “fancy” generators (that you often have to pay for) stylize […]

Better Strikethrough / Strikeout Style (good for prices) with CSS

This code will show you how to make a more style and readable “strikeout” style of text. Good for showing pricing discounts etc. The strike line adjusts in thickness to match your font size and it slightly transparent to help with readability.

Fast & Agile YouTube Embed – Responsive iFrame load delay with jQuery

This code is an alternative to the traditional YouTube <iframe> embed. It will reduce the downloads of each embeded video by about 90% and have them resize responsively to all screen widths. It is made with jQuery, HTML, and CSS.

Simple Responsive Table Solution for Mobile using jQuery

So far I’ve found all the proposed solutions for dealing with wide tables on mobile to be a bit cumbersome and just not that great. Then I had the idea of wrapping the table in a div and just using overflow to make it scroll sideways without breaking the layout.

Replace checkbox inputs with “mobile style” toggle switches using jquery and css

So as the world gets more and more mobile people are getting used to seeing the toggle switches seen on iPhone/iOS and Android user interfaces. They are very intuitive and downright fun, and much easier to use than checkboxes. I’m working on a project that has a user interface that calls for this so I […]

Easy css3 transitions

You can do a lot with css3 transitions and I’m not going to get into that here. But I am going to show you a simple line of css you can start using now to add a nice smooth animation to your :hover effects.

PHP Shorthand Conditional Statement

Here’s another quick hit from my php snippets. You can see a review of a lot of ways to do this on David Walsh’s post on the subject. However, I wanted to write it as short as possible to be used within pages. I use this a lot to add css classes into tags.

PHP Conditional Statement – In Between Dates

I’m always using little php snippets in tons of projects. Here’s one I needed today that is very useful.  If you want a specific item to show only between a group of dates you can use this. No big function, just slap in your dates and go!

Facebook “Fan Us” fixed position side tab button

Recently I’ve been seeing these “feedback” tabs fixed to the left or right side of websites that open up customer feedback forms by companies like UserVoice. While browsing websites that use this product, these buttons have really gotten my attention. So I thought.. why not make one to promote a website’s Facebook Fan Page, so […]

Degradable PNG Transparency for IE6

All (sane) web developers are eagerly awaiting the day Internet Explorer 6 dies. While there are a number of opinions in the community on when we should drop support and how we should encourage users to upgrade, the (sad) fact is that (as of this writing) roughly 25% of the world is still using it. […]

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