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“Actionable advice for moving abroad, visas, taxes, and more. All the logistics of becoming an expat or digital nomad. Also remote team building and management from around the world.”

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Jesse SchobergJesse Schoberg

Currently accepting podcast and press interviews (Q2 2023).
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Jesse SchobergJesse Schoberg (@JesseSchoberg) is an American born web developer, founder, and speaker. He’s been living outside of the United States since 2008. He’s founded, scaled, and exited a number of internet companies. He’s currently heading up DropInBlog as CEO & Co-Founder.

When he is not glued to his MacBook Pro, Jesse likes to travel the world with his wife Janine, explore other cultures, enjoy live music, take in the cinema, scope out the latest fashions, and create music. Location independent since ’08 but somewhat based in Bangkok, Thailand or somewhere interesting that it’s not winter.

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Name: Jesse Schoberg
Title: CEO | Co-Founder
Company: DropInBlog
Bio: Originally from the States, Jesse has been living around the world for more than a decade. A developer by trade, he’s been managing remote teams for over 15 years. Recently selling his other projects, he’s now co-founded DropInBlog where he focuses his time as CEO.
Twitter: @JesseSchoberg
Instagram: @jesseschoberg
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