My Amount: Embracing Compassion Over Judgment

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Have you ever noticed how we all silently think, "My amount is okay" about our life choices? It's a common thought process that really shows up when we see others making different choices. Whether it's about how much we spend, our lifestyle choices, or even our habits, we all have our own 'amounts' that feel right. This idea is what led me to come up with the "My Amount" concept a few years back.

"My Amount" is one's personal acceptable limit on a consumption, purchase or other decision.

'My Amount' Examples

Example: one person might easily spend $100 on high-quality jeans but choose to be frugal when it comes to eating out. Another might never spend over $40 on jeans 'cause 'why would you?', yet loves to drop $100 on a nice dinner out.

My Amount

But it's not all about money, it can be about anything. Take drinking habits – for some, four drinks is their max for a big night out, citing their health, while others might set their limit to ten (or infinity) 'cause 'I like to enjoy myself'. Each 'amount' reflects what we consider okay for ourselves, influenced by our health views, lifestyle, and personal choices. I propose we try to appreciate these differences as what makes us unique, in an effort to reduce judgement and seek empathy.

Where do our 'Amounts' Come From?

So, why do we all have different 'amounts'? From my observations, it has a million factors. Our upbringing, culture, relationship with money, genetics, and life experiences shape our views. What’s a splurge for you might be a no-brainer for someone else. It’s all about perspective.

My Amount is Okay (and so is yours)

We've all been there, judging someone else's 'amount'. But maybe we can flip the script and get curious instead. Understanding why someone has a different 'amount' can open our eyes. It’s about stepping into their shoes and seeing things from their angle.

'My Amount' is a lens through which we all view the world. By recognizing and respecting the different 'amounts' people have, we're taking a step towards being more understanding and less judgmental. Next time you bump into a different 'amount', why not ask about the story behind it?

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