Tropical MBA Interview: Returning to Nomadic Life with Jesse Schoberg

This week I was excited to be invited onto the Tropical MBA podcast. As a long time listener to the top podcast for location independent entrepreneurs it was a pleasure to sit down with Dan and talk about the origins of DropInBlog, graduating from agency to product life, and the sustainability of a leveled-up version of nomading.

Interview Summary

Summer is here, and it’s starting to feel like things are returning to “normal.”

For many of us in the community, that means that we’re finally going to have the opportunity to pick up our backpacks and return to nomadic life.

Jesse Schoberg is the co-founder and CEO of, a Software as a Service platform that helps users add blogs to their websites.

Jesse has been a full-time nomad for over 7 years, and he joins us on this week’s podcast to discuss how he was able to transition from running an agency to creating a product, and why he finds the nomadic life so appealing.

If you’re ready to get back on the road, or perhaps you’ve decided that it’s finally time to double down on entrepreneurship and go remote, this is the episode for you.

Listen to the Interview


03:32: The origins of

10:05: Why agencies are great entry points into entrepreneurship but so difficult to scale.

19:27: What motivated Jesse to live a nomadic life.

30:18: How you can still “have your own place” while living a nomadic life.

46:08: Jesse’s advice for people who are considering a nomadic life.