Ray Lamontagne – “Gossip in the Grain” Exclusive Live Videos

Here are some exclusive videos of songs from Ray Lamontagne‘s new album “Gossip in the Grain” due out on October 15th. These were taken at last night’s (October 3rd) show at the Wisconsin Union Theater in Madison, WI. They were recorded using my Cannon PowerShot SD1000 and a mini tripod.

If you’ve ever been to a Ray show you’ll know he plays in almost pure darkness. So you’ll notice the clips are pretty dark. If you listen close on “Winter Birds” at 16s in you’ll hear him say “I can’t even see the fret board.”

The new album is going to be exciting. Some of the tracks like “Hey Me, Hey Mama” are a bit more upbeat then his normal sound incorporating some new instruments and techniques. Other tracks are soft and deep keeping more consistent with his previous works. And the lyrics, it’s Ray.. need I say more? Overall I think “Gossip in the Grain” is going to be a solid installment in the library of Ray Lamontagne.

OK enough talk.. here’s the vids….

Gossip in the Grain


Ray also preformed a number of tracks from his first (studio) album.

Till the Sun Turns Black

And finally here’s one of my favorites. (sorry I missed the first verse)